Some T& Cs and Other Information

We have to stick by the law so, sorry if you are under 18 we can't tattoo you.  Piercings can be done with parental permission under 16.  Please be prepared to provide proof of your age.  Without it, you won't be tattooed and you won't get your deposit back.

To secure an appointment, a deposit of £20 per hour booked is required.  This is non refundable but will be deducted from the price of your final tattoo (subject to below T&C).  Once we get the deposit your appointment is secured but we can't agree an appointment if you don't know what you want!  Be prepared with some reference material/ ideas, we will help you make you make the right choice.

Please remember that if you cancel/reschedule your appointment less than 48 hours in advance or change the design within 24 hours, your deposit will be lost.  Even if the appointment goes ahead, full hourly rate will be chargeable!


If you are running late, please call us!  If you don't and you are more than 20 mins late (or don’t show at all) your deposit is no longer valid.

For full day appointments, we require a £100 non refundable deposit and one week notice to reschedule/cancel.

A note about Gift Vouchers:  These are non refundable, issued by the shop, for use in the shop.  They are not valid for any individual artist and will only be redeemable against work completed within BlueBox.  Validity is 6 months from purchase - no exceptions!

Lastly, a tattoo is for life (unless your here to see Stevie...), please don't be offended if we suggest changes to your selected tattoo design/position etc.  We want to make sure you have the best piece of art you possibly can and we do reserve the right to refuse to tattoo if we can't agree on a suitable design.  There is a wealth of experience here, trust us!

Full terms and conditions for appointments and vouchers are available from the shop on request.